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Dnipro city carriers

entrusted us with sensors installation on every city transport vehicle.

Upon implementation of our system, the carrier became able to detect company vehicle misuse, check speed rate, maintain work schedule and provide timely vehicle maintenance.

To continuously monitor city transport operation
To track real number of vehicles transporting passengers en-route and meeting schedule.
To monitor the first and the last runs
To log completed en-route runs
To control city transport traffic promptly in case of crashes and city traffic control system malfunction
Tools and Process
Prior to GPS-monitoring system implementation, the customer faced certain problems inherent for any carrier:
  • Vehicle downtime during business hours,
  • Ill-timed vehicle departure and vehicle leaving the route
  • Inability to control driver behavior and specified day schedule.
Having a good grip of customer’s situation, we analyzed business-processes and types of data to be processed. We defined delivery method and destination for reports and statistics, and started implementing our solutions. Besides, we developed and implemented several additional useful functions that facilitated carriers’ operation optimization and strengthened monitoring system.
Features and Options
Route scheduling, route network optimization.
Data Tablets for Drivers
Equipping vehicles with data tablets to be connected with drivers and to modify schedule, as well as to monitor drivers working time and time off, alert button initiations, and etc.
On-line Monitoring
On-line displaying of complete vehicle info: schedule delay or being ahead of the schedule as per route log, speed data, arrival to Vehicle Fleet Operator, en-route operation start, and unscheduled route exiting.
Stops Announcement
Voice announcement (stops announcement) and video information monitoring in vehicles.
Road Signs
Data logging and monitoring in Road Signs and Traffic Lights System (capability to monitor infringements, including speed infringements as per Traffic Code).
Road Accidents Detection
Detection of equipped motor vehicle accidents
Monitoring of Drivers
The following can be monitored using reports: drivers and conductors working time and time off; passenger loading/unloading at undesignated areas.
Downtime Detection
Automatic detection of a vehicle that stopped half-way.
Alert button
Alert button implementation.
Driving Style Monitoring
Driving style monitoring (sudden stops and turns).
First of all, the implementation of this system improved traffic safety and vehicle operational comfort owing to vehicle position detection feature.
Economic Indicators
Speed infringements
Deviation from the route
Unauthorized route exiting

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